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Dagger x Male! Circus! Reader x Sebastian

(s/n) - Stage Name
(s/t) - Skin Tone

Your PoV

As we rode back to the circus I made sure to stay low and hided from the people lurking around the streets at night. Once we came back to the circus I jumped off from the top of the wagon helping Joker hide the carriage.

“We’ll deliver the girl and the others tomorrow to father when everyone is practicing or later in the night when they are performing” he ordered, I nodded in response to him staying quiet.

The rest of the main circus members finally caught up with us Joker telling them the plan as I walked away towards our tents. As I was getting towards my tent I heard movement by the wooden crates at the far back of our sleeping area, as I walked towards it I saw one of Snake’s snakes hissing at something behind them. When I got closer I noticed it was Similes I glared at the young boy wondering why he was here snooping around our tents. Though I noticed the snake got closer before it could bite him I threw one of my knives right in front it stopping it movements.

“You really shouldn’t be back here, what are you doing here” I said as I grabbed the snake letting it slither around me, for some reason Snake’s snakes actually enjoyed my company and me holding them which was surprising though in turn I also enjoyed company. “If you don’t tell me then I’ll let you die at the fangs of this snake.” I threatened

“I well I just wandered and didn’t really notice where s-so I came here and got stuck because of that thing.” He looked a bit sweaty, I knew he was lying though I will let him slide this once.

I scoffed, “Sure…...well you better get out of here before the others come I can’t stop them from hurting you.” I turned on my heel walking away seeing him run out as the others began to walk in. I passed them walking to Snake’s tent once inside is smiled at him “I think you lost someone.” I said handing him his snake it slithering off my arm to his. He slightly tilted his head as a sign of thanks, when walking away from his tent towards my own I bumped into Black a grin appearing on his face.

2nd Pov

“Hello (s/n)” he bowed a bit, you nodded acknowledging him though not speaking still a bit embarrassed at how he touched you in front of the others the first day you met him. He chuckled a bit and as if reading your mind he walked closer, “ I very much enjoyed our first meeting, didn’t you?” He whispered in your ear making a blush dust your (s/t) cheeks.

You tried calming yourself ‘why am I acting like this?” you questioned yourself why you felt so vulnerable towards him. You trying to hide your embarrassment chuckled trying to act cool “ I very much did indeed” you moved to the left trying to get by and avoid anymore talk from him though he immediately got in front of you. You sighed looking up at him since you were a bit shorter than him in height (if not just go with it) “If you will excuse me I need to be getting some shut eyes before the performance tomorrow.”

Black shook his head “ I need some information first though we can talk in your tent for privacy” he smirked looking at you. You were hesitant at first though complied to his demand and led him towards your tent. What happened next, you were not expecting to say the least……….
Ahhhh I am internally screaming, school as been a pain in my back side and I haven't had
a single chance to write I really hope I can update this story once more very soon. I really
hope you enjoy this story my lovelies and I hope it is not to short though. Also leave a
comment if you think I should do a lemon for the next part or not though I have to warn
you I'm not super great at writing them yet. ^^
Ole! Undertaker La Ciel Smile!! 

Story (c) Me

Kuroshitsuji (c) Yana Toboso
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say goodbye to you virginity dear Reader~Chan!
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I can't wait for more. This is so good story
CaptiveKnightKatsumi Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much, I will try my damnedest to continue writing this story it has been so long since I have touched it.
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rip virginity
Aki-H-Jun Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2016
A bomb exploded. /paf
No really, that suspeeeeeence urgh!
CaptiveKnightKatsumi Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Suspense always kills me but always keeps me reading hopefully the next part will be out  soon though not sure if I should make it a lemon or not ^-^
Aki-H-Jun Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016
"always keeps me reading" so soooooo true ♥
CaptiveKnightKatsumi Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
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