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Dagger x Circus! Male! Reader x Sebastian Prt.6 :iconcaptiveknightkatsumi:CaptiveKnightKatsumi 13 4
Dagger x Male! Circus! Reader x Sebastian Prt.5
Dagger x Male! Circus! Reader x Sebastian
(s/n) - Stage Name
(s/t) - Skin Tone
Your PoV
As we rode back to the circus I made sure to stay low and hided from the people lurking around the streets at night. Once we came back to the circus I jumped off from the top of the wagon helping Joker hide the carriage.
“We’ll deliver the girl and the others tomorrow to father when everyone is practicing or later in the night when they are performing” he ordered, I nodded in response to him staying quiet.
The rest of the main circus members finally caught up with us Joker telling them the plan as I walked away towards our tents. As I was getting towards my tent I heard movement by the wooden crates at the far back of our sleeping area, as I walked towards it I saw one of Snake’s snakes hissing at something behind them. When I got closer I noticed it was Similes I glared at the young boy wondering why he wa
:iconcaptiveknightkatsumi:CaptiveKnightKatsumi 40 11
Dagger x Male! Circus! Reader x Sebastian Prt.4
Dagger x Male! Circus! Reader x Sebastian
After the long practice in the afternoon and dinner the other circus performers headed off to bed though, the main circus performers all met in front of the Noah’s Arc Sign.
“Alright” Joker began “we have a job tonight father is demanding more children, so we’ll get a few tonight and move the circus after tomorrow's act” Joker's voice was bleak with no emotion unlike his usually cheery tone. He was always was liked this when we had to do something for father, I think most of us didn’t mind, us just thinking of it as helping the one and only person who cared for us not as kidnapping.
Everyone nodded in a agreement and headed towards the small town by the circus. When you got there you notice a little girl alone walking towards a police officer, you waited till their conversation was done and then followed her. She looked like she was heading towards an alleyway so you point her out the rest of the group.
:iconcaptiveknightkatsumi:CaptiveKnightKatsumi 31 3
Dagger x Male! Circus! Reader x Sebastian Prt.3
Dagger x Male! Circus! Reader x Sebastian
(s/n) - Stage Name
Today the main cast is supposed to see Sebastian's friend he recommended yesterday and what talents he has and if the meet their requirements to enter the circus. When you got outside dressed and prepared for the day you walked towards where most of the people were crowded forming a half circle around a boy and Dagger’s target practice dummy. Once you got close enough you heard the task he had to do to be accepted into the circus.
He had to hit the target on point with all the daggers he had in his hand. It seemed mostly everyone thought it was impossible because his short stature and lanky arms though when he threw his first dagger it looked like it was going to completely miss the target it didn’t and hit the target directly in the head. Everyone was amazed although you weren’t, you happened to be very suspicious of how that was possi
:iconcaptiveknightkatsumi:CaptiveKnightKatsumi 47 8
Dagger x Male! Circus! Reader x Sebastian Prt.2
Dagger x Male! Circus! Reader x Sebastian
(s/n)- Stage Name
Once you grabbed what was needed you headed back towards the main tent where the show was taking place, though what you saw when you enter the tent really surprised you……………………………
You saw that Beast’s tiger Betty, had her mouth wrapped around a male with raven hair and a black tail coat. How this happened you had no clue, you just stood there watching the event play out. After Betty removed herself from the man, he said it was his fault  that Betty “nibbled” him, and that Beast shouldn’t whip her just for doing so. Due to previous events the show was ended their so you didn’t get to perform your act, so you decided to go check up with Doc on how your right leg and right hand prosthetic looked.
Once you got there you saw the man in the tail coat again, you
:iconcaptiveknightkatsumi:CaptiveKnightKatsumi 43 18
Dagger x Male! Circus! Reader x Sebastian Prt.1
Dagger x Male! Circus! Reader x Sebastian
(s/n) - Stage Name
“Dagger are you even listening to me!?” you tried shaking you friend though he was currently in a daze looking at his crush Beast. You sighed to yourself knowing it was no use trying to get his attention when he was like this but you needed him for the knife throwing part in the show. “DAGGER!” you yelled hoping now you would get his attention, and you did. He jumped startled by your sudden loud voice.
“(s/n)! You scared me geez next time just tap me” he grumbled upset because you broke him from his daze
“I did, but you were to busy fantasizing about Beast you didn’t even notice! Now get ready for the show or my head gonna be on a pike.” you glared at him and started to walk of
He yelled out to you “and I wasn’t fantasizing about her!” you shook your head and conti
:iconcaptiveknightkatsumi:CaptiveKnightKatsumi 54 8


Death Note Mello :: Black Leather by Hirako-f-w Death Note Mello :: Black Leather :iconhirako-f-w:Hirako-f-w 68 7 Madara Uchiha 'A blood-red setting sun' by Hirako-f-w Madara Uchiha 'A blood-red setting sun' :iconhirako-f-w:Hirako-f-w 52 2 DOCTOR STRANGE :: Kaecilius inspiration by Hirako-f-w DOCTOR STRANGE :: Kaecilius inspiration :iconhirako-f-w:Hirako-f-w 35 4 Big hair,big dreams by deisori-nanobug Big hair,big dreams :icondeisori-nanobug:deisori-nanobug 6 8 [Original] Dante?! by RyuKiCabbage [Original] Dante?! :iconryukicabbage:RyuKiCabbage 12 0 Homestuck God Tier Template by hromer Homestuck God Tier Template :iconhromer:hromer 72 5 INTERACTIVE KARKAT VANTAS by NamiOki INTERACTIVE KARKAT VANTAS :iconnamioki:NamiOki 2,429 540 Troll Spectrum by GreenMangos Troll Spectrum :icongreenmangos:GreenMangos 290 33 Lady Dracula dress up by Hapuriainen Lady Dracula dress up :iconhapuriainen:Hapuriainen 424 72 Tokyo Mew Mew character creator by Hapuriainen Tokyo Mew Mew character creator :iconhapuriainen:Hapuriainen 1,944 601 Commission for SweetheartedSadist II by 6night-walking9 Commission for SweetheartedSadist II :icon6night-walking9:6night-walking9 168 14 Girl by Ryoko-demon Girl :iconryoko-demon:Ryoko-demon 232 8 Relax by Ryoko-demon Relax :iconryoko-demon:Ryoko-demon 2,536 100 Hello by Ryoko-demon Hello :iconryoko-demon:Ryoko-demon 907 25 Wolf by Ryoko-demon Wolf :iconryoko-demon:Ryoko-demon 2,746 127 My Little Flutty by Ryoko-demon My Little Flutty :iconryoko-demon:Ryoko-demon 686 42


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Dagger x Male! Circus! Reader x Sebastian

(s/n) - Stage Name
(s/t) - Skin Tone


Black shook his head “ I need some information first though we can talk in your tent for privacy” he smirked looking at you. You were hesitant at first though complied to his demand and led him towards your tent. What happened next, you were not expecting to say the least……….

As the both of you entered your quaint tent with vintage ninacs and pictures lying around Black smiled seeing as you are a collector. Though that smiled had quickly faded into a seemingly lustful look. Your eyes widened a bit though you felt mesmerized by him so you didn’t move at all which made him give a cunning smirk in your direction. “Your room reminds me of my own though your has a bit more color.” he said though his lustful gaze never faded

“I just enjoy the browns and golds, I do very much enjoy collecting vintage looking items as well the old bleached pictures of mine seem to bring back many memories that have been all but forgotten by the other most likely” you walked towards your small bed sitting on it. You extend your prosthetic leg across is examining it, though your guard was still up….. for the time being at least. Black continued to move through the room although it was small it had many things to look at that of which caught his eye. His investigation of the room to find anything more about the circus seemed to be fruitless though he did see one picture of all the main cast very young with a man in the middle standing in front of some home though the name was blurry.

His gaze turned towards you once more, “I see you and the others have been together for a very long time (s/n).” he walked closer towards you until he was right at the end of the bed, staring down at you.
You looked at him as he talked though quickly averted your gaze since his own make the heat in your body rise causing you to blush. “ Yes i-indeed all the main cast members, we were all adopted by the same man.”

“And what, if I may ask is this man named?” he questioned rather quickly

“I’m not inclined to answer your question Black, you know more of I than I know of you.” you looked back up at him as he started to lean down onto the bed his hands and legs on either side of you as he moved upwards. His hand caressed your thigh as he moved which did not help the blush on you face or the heat rising through you to stop. He kissed your jawline making you lightly bite your lip closing your eyes ever so slightly. “B-Black …….what…. What are you doing?” you question him though your voice and composure wavering from his actions.

“Simply doing as I was order to.” he smirked though before you could question him and more he left butterfly kisses along your neck going towards your collar bone. “How long have you and the other members been in this circus?”

“All our lives..” you simply stated you were surprised you didn’t want to give him anymore information then you already have though it seemed as if the words just slipped out of your mouth.

“Who leads your group of performers and what exactly do they do?” he questioned as he started to undo the bow and buttons on your costume running his gloved hands along your sides. Sending shivers down your spine making your body quiver.

“J-Joker is the Lea-leader of our group, he.. He runs the shows and o-operations we-we receive.” you managed to say though it was getting harder to think straight with him licking your pink buds making them hard as his tongue skillfully dances between them.

“You said operations, what are the operations and whom do you receive them from?” He said his voice nor actions faltering one bit. He stopped attacking your chest to slowly using his mouth the remove the clothes and put them on the beside next to you.

Your eyes widened somewhat upon see his pale hand and the mark it bared.. “Y-Your…..Your a demon?” you question more than stating it. Black didn’t answer your question and resumed lustfully abusing your body.

“I’ll ask again, what are the operations and whom do you receive them from (s/n)” you didn’t answer, you didn’t want too, you couldn’t. Your mind was all a mess trying to process things, you were trying to figure out how Black was a demon or if he was one and why you were just obediently giving him all the information he wanted. Though your mind completely went blank as his hands moved to the button on your shorts, taking both your bottom’s and undergarment off you. You lay bare before him the blush on your face was making you glow red, Black just smirking above you.

“You’re not being as obedient before though I think that will change in a few moments.” black smirked you just were dazed looking into his eyes. He leaned down his face close to your putting his lips on yours in a heated kiss, your eyes slowing dropping. But your attention was shifted towards the rustling sound coming from the entrance of your tent making your eyes widened hoping it was just the wind. Your hopes although were shattered as you saw a head of blond hair peep in through the opening.

Dagger was about to open his mouth, though saw the position of you and Black and your bare body. He felt many emotions of rage, embarrassment love, anger, and hate rush to his head all at once. He could make and words only a load gas coming from his mouth. Black turned around seeing dagger who was red in the face and nose bleeding slightly surely from the sight of you and your naked body.

“Why hello.” Black casually said while smirking looking towards dagger. All you could do was look towards the side of your tent hoping Black’s body covered most of yours. You were embarrassed though afraid of what dagger was going to say or do.

Well this is going to be interesting………
Dagger x Circus! Male! Reader x Sebastian Prt.6

I'm sorry for such the long wait of the continuation of this book I just have
been really busy and really stressed as of late though I am finally happy I
was able to finish and give you lovelies the next part. Hopefully updates
will be more frequent then the have been. Sorry if tis is not the greatest I
haven't written a lemon in a while...

Yes, My Lord Ciel Smile!! Alois Trancy (Kuroshitsuji) 

Story ----> Me
Characters -----> Yana Toboso



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Since school is starting I sadly won't be updating Dagger x Male! Circus! Reader x Sebastian as frequent as I have been. Though I will try my best to get updates on that story as soon as possible. My only free days that I will be able to write are most likely the weekends once school does start in a few days. Also I promise that part 4 of Dagger x Male! Circus! Reader x Sebastian will be coming out soon <3 also thank you all for adding my ok story to your favorites.
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I love to play Videogames, be in Cosplay, read Comic Books, and
Roleplaying is one a my favorite things to do in my free time
I really love Anime and I am a lover of yaoi

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Favorite Characters from Anime

Tokyo Ghoul - Tsukiyama Shuu
DMMD - Noiz
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AoT - Erwin Smith or Levi Ackerman
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Black Butler - Joker or Dagger
Fairy Tail - Laxus Dreyar or Mystogan
Seven Deadly Sins - Gowther
OHSHC - Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin
Free! - Seijuro Mikoshiba
Death Note - L

IMPORTANT: This is my main account for Deviantart, though my other was Levi-Kaneki it is still active though all of my writings and art work will be submitted to this account and the continuations of stories from there will be on here



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